I am here to help! If your answer is not here, use the contact form and I will respond usually right away. I am typically in front of a computer or have my phone with me. If I do not respond right away, I am probably playing ice hockey and will respond ASAP.

Q: I paid. How do I download?
A: When Paypal sends you back here, there will be link(s) on the screen to download your SVG files. All files are zipped. You will also receive an email with a download link.

Q: How the heck do I unzip something on my phone?
A: I am not sure if you can. After purchase, Email me and I will simply send you the SVG file attached in an email to you.

Q: I do not have Paypal! How do I pay you?
A: The Paypal gateway will accept all credit cards.

Q: I am a legacy customer, how long will my coupon code work?
A: Forever!

Q: I did not receive my email receipt. Where is it?
A: Since this is all automatic, your email may think it is spam. Check the spam folder.

Q: How come I cannot leave a review?
A: The review plugin is $89. As soon as I make $89 from sales, I will buy it and install it.

Q: Can I send you a review so you can post it manually?
A: Yes! Good or bad, I will post any review.

Q: What happened to your Etsy store?
A: The fees were too much so I thought I would try this on my own!